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I begin my abstract paintings and collages with a loose idea of what each will look like.  I choose to paint abstracts because I don’t want to be restricted to recreating what is actually there. Combinations of marks and shapes that are totally my creation is the goal. My intention is to paint or create something original. Often I will be moved by a color combination that works so beautifully together and I will incorporate it into my next piece.  These color combinations will move the piece in the right direction. Each of my mixed-media paintings and collages involves a back-and-forth play between spontaneous intuitive addition and subtraction and careful deliberation and intention. I make a decision and a move and then the painting reveals something new to respond to. I use my handmade papers to respond to many of these moves. I specifically create these handmade papers to add that extra individuality to all of my abstract paintings and collages.  I need to feel that each of my pieces is authentic and personal.

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