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Do I love color?

I should say so! When we moved into our house in Baltimore a little over three years ago, I had everything painted white. I wanted a blank slate for paintings and other artwork. I think the white walls lasted maybe six months before I couldn't live without color any longer and went to the paint store, bought what I needed, and painted a mural on our hall wall. Didn't plan it out. I just went for it.

Here is a little snippet of the mural against the colorful wallpaper I installed in our hall bathroom. That was another room that didn't last white too long. I love looking through the door from the bathroom out and seeing the endless color! Makes me so happy.

I painted the other side of the hall as well but toned it down by painting it just one of the colors from the mural with random white stripes. I didn't want to go completely overboard.

If you ever think of about painting a mural in your home, let me know. I would love to help!

If you are interested in just a painting, join my mailing list to be the first to find out about my new pieces and enjoy exclusive offers to my members only!

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