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Its not a one and done deal.

Most of the time I have absolutely no idea of how or what the painting will become.

This piece started over an old painting that I was not happy with but loved the incredible texture the canvas had built up with its many layers.

Its a lot of back and forth trying to decide what to do next. And a lot of the time I have absolutely no idea of what to do. There is usually a lot of staring involved. A lot of putting it aside. Putting it back up on the wall. Especially during the middle, ugly stages. But somehow a design emerges. And if I am lucky I am pleased with what is happening. Do I stop now or keep going? And on and on it goes...

If you want to see the end results of my paintings, visit my website at and while you are there, sign up for my email list to find out about new work and enjoy exclusive discounts for my members only!

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