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What's old is new again!

I have been revisiting some of my paintings that I didn't like enough to put up for sale or post. I do this a lot. Some pieces are just not ready the first time around. When inspiration is low I go and pull out these pieces and find that I actually think I can get them to work. I tweak an area or two to get it where I want it. Zany, is one such piece. I created this piece last year using one of my son Noah's recycled wood boards. When he was an art student in college he would paint on anything he could find and I am lucky enough to inherit some of the materials he didn't end up using.

I especially love the use of paper and fabric. You will never run out of new details to discover. To see more of my paintings, visit my website, And while you are there, sign up for my email list to be the first to know about new work and to enjoy exclusive discounts!

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